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Astana Ballet in New York

On January 17, 2018 at the Lincoln center, the largest cultural site of New York, the theater «Astana Ballet» will present a multi-genre program «Kazakhstan Astana Ballet Gala». The presentation of the choreographic art will be held within the framework of the project «Modern Kazakhstan culture in the global world», under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Also, with its performance in New York, «Astana Ballet» will launch cultural events to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the capital «Yel zhuregi — Astana». Over these years, the capital has become a major center of socio-political and cultural life, not only for residents of Kazakhstan, but for the whole region of Central Asia: the city has become an international center on the vastnesses of Eurasia.
In the Lincoln Center, the troupe of the Astana Ballet Theater presents the choreographic art of Kazakhstan for the first time. The American debut of the leading choreographic collective of the country took place three years ago: the world of refinement and beauty, grace and subtle images concurred the New York audience. «Astana Ballet» is the youngest Kazakh theater, but already loved by the viewer. In this visit, theater will show its own contrast program: fragments of bright ballet performances and miniatures that express the national culture with the language of dance and plastics.
«The task before the creative team of the theater is not easy — to attract the attention of the public to our culture, to present the best examples of national and modern ballet art of Kazakhstan in the world community,» – director of the theater Valeriy Kuzembav.
«Astana Ballet» has absorbed in itself all richness of classical heritage and modern ballet art, and on its basis creates new models of choreographic creativity and performing art. The Astana Ballet theater attaches great value to studying and development of national dances in the modern direction; to creation of the new choreographic miniatures disclosing plastic harmony and beauty of the Kazakh dance. The defining value has reflection of deep features of nature of national dance, its elements. Because only through national dance the viewer gets acquainted and learns our culture. And for this reason national dance which is steadily present at all tour performances of the theater became a peculiar image of the concert program of theater.
«I think the performance of our theater in New York will be an impetus for further creative achievements. Tours for young artists are a huge incentive for creativity, an opportunity to test their strengths and abilities before a new people, a new audience. For tours in New York, we have chosen from the repertoire the best productions — choreographic miniatures and fragments of the ballets of the national program «Heritage of the Great Steppe»; pas de deux from the ballet “The Nutcracker” directed by Altynay Asylmuratova; fragments of neo-classical ballets «Divercity» and «A fuego lento», one-act ballet «Love Fear Loss», by Belgian choreographer R. Amarante «, — said the chief choreographer of the theater Mukaram Avahri.
The program «Heritage of the Great Steppe» includes choreographic miniatures and fragments of ballets with a pronounced national color. All compositions are distinguished by the richness of folk traditions, versatility, huge emotional charge. They leave a deep impression due to expressive music, unique artistic images. The program «Heritage of the Great Steppe» allows us to present the modern national ballet as a bright, dynamic and unique phenomenon of its kind.
«Love Fear Loss», ballet for music on the theme of songs from the repertoire of Edith Piaf (choreography by Ricardo Amarante) — inspired by the story of the singer’s extraordinary life. Her songs became a hymn of love and conquered the world. This ballet is about feelings of affection and love, loss and fear.
The following one-act ballet of «A Fuego lento» will tell about the first feelings of anxiety and emotional heat when you just discover the power of love. The body and desire that slowly burns inside. The world is concentrated in beloved person, and meaning of life – love (music — Lalo Chifrin, Astor Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel, Choreography – Ricardo Amarante).
Due to the variety and uniqueness of the repertoire, the quality of performance and stage design, the performances of «Astana Ballet» enjoy constant success not only at homeland, but also far beyond its borders.
The theater Astana Ballet has performed on the most known stages in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Beijing, Paris, Vienna, Seoul, Budapest, Baku, Minsk, New York, Tokyo, Warsaw, and Brussels.

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