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MIT undergraduates visit Semey

Qazaqstan Intellectual Schools (NIS) are much interested in foreign teachers and tutors at improving educational process. They often come to the NIS which pursues to a global citizenship considering it as a vital value.

3This year Lily Bailey and Duncan Wheeler, MIT students, come to the NIS of Semey Physics and Mathematics. Both students have the same purpose, that is, to develop students’ skills in biology and physics. In the course of four-week, our guests are about to teach local students and make presentations.
Lily is a MIT sophomore in Biology. She also works on the SMART team research skills development project. She teaches students to develop their biology research skills and how to work with resources. Lily is also involved in the study of cancer at the Institute. During the course, students will also be able to explain their research. And we have been witnessing her interest in football. Due to that, she made a pre-school football championship.


Duncan is a fourth-year student of Physics. Together with our students, Duncan introduces the rocket model, and the study of transparent solar cells. The institute has MISTI Global Teaching Labs program, thaks to this program students came to Semey and Kazakhstan for the first time.
— This is our first visit to Asia, Kazakhstan. We like people of this country. They are simple, caring, kind, hospitable. However, we did not think that the winter would be exactly the same. We have already tasted your meals. The tongue fluffy. Everything is tasty. As far as the level of schooling is concerned, we can only say good things. Children are very knowledgeable. This is our first experience in Kazakhstan, «said American students.

04These students, along with the Deputy Director for External Relations of the School Bauyrzhan Serikov, took part in the program «Good morning» on the TV channel «SemeI» on January 15 and answered questions about the institute, the Intellectual School.
At the end of the program TV channel correspondents gave memorable hospitality to the guests from across the ocean.

Yermek Issabayev,
NIS Semey

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