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Dear parents and school graduates, if you wish you could get scholarship for apply university, pay a close eye on technical disciplines and carefully select subjects under UNT (united national testing) — there is still an opportunity to take a decision!

As soon as our website board reached an official information from the Kazakhstan Ministry for Education and Science concerning everyone who are about to leave schools and apply universities and colleges, we decided to turn for you, dear parents and school graduates.

This year, Kazakhstan society awaits much more number of scholarships for technical specialties!

Extra 20 thousand scholarships expected to add to 54 thousand of grants traditionally arranged for 2018-2019 school year. More specifically, of these, 11,000  scholarships arranged for technical directions, said the Ministry for Education and Science (MON).

It is a vital decision towards national education development, a stimulus for schoolchildren’ eagerness to study technical disciplines allowing them to easily reach state grants, and get technical education requested by the current labor market, and of course to find job places.

It makes possible to prepare thousands and thousands of specialists who will be requested in a new economy under the fourth industrial revolution» – said Nursultan Nazarbayev, Head of State, delivering his speech at the joint session of Kazakhstan Parliament chambers.

The MON awaits a considerably climbing of demand for technical specialties in future.

Take a close eye on this suggested infographics with statistics on distribution of  scholarships of different specialties between 2012 and 2017, and contests as well. Please, carefully learn and see dynamics of  scholarships for technical specialties, pedagogical ones including. If school graduates wished they could have more chances for  scholarships, they need to concentrate their attention on UNT subjects, arrange them for themselves and accept purpose for successful passing the testing. We wish you success in your training and hope that our information can be useful for all of you, and become a guide for getting state educational scholarships!

Distribution of grants for previous years

Technical specialties:

Agricultural specialties:

Popular specialties:

Pedagogical specialties:

Medical specialties:

More specific information is available in Qazaq and Russian

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